Site Specific

Working with space has been a very important aspect in my work. I have created work that explores our relationship to space, and the sense of belonging that arises from that relationship. But besides exploring space thematically, I am also interested in seeing how art changes when shown in various contexts. I have seen my film about urban nature getting a different life when screened in a wild urban field. It was amazing for me and for the audience to witness the communication between the life in the space and the life in the art work.

Cinema Out of the Box - Screening of Green Dream in Le Champ des possibles, one of the wild green spaces featured in the film, 2015

Cinema Out of the box - Site specific screening

Vulture's Love - Video Installation in a man made rock cave, Lomea Art Symposium, Ruse, Bulgaria, 2015.

Video Installation - Vulture's Love in an abandoned mine

From the Outside, In - Study of Ruse #2 - Collaboration with Serena Chalker. Created at the 25th Process Space Art Festival, Ruse, Bulgaria, 2016.

Mapping the familiar and foreign from the perspective of a foreigner and a Bulgarian Ex-Pat. Mixed media: photo collage, string, GPS track, sound scape. 


Wild City Mapping in Hochelaga - Installation created in collaboration with Dominique Ferraton during the artist in residence program of Conscience Urbaine, Montreal, 2016.