Experimental and Short Film

The short format allows for more spontaneity and room for experimentation, with it I have created anything from animation to video dance. Currently I am focusing on short films and I keep exploring different ideas and styles through this form. Below are excerpts of my work.

With Air and Salt, Unbreakable Health

(7 min., 2018, Canada , Switzerland)

A building and a poem, both existing in a danger zone, raise the question of our role in cultural preservation. How do we choose what to save and what to leave to perish? What price do we pay for either choice?

Study - The Colours of the Engiadina

(3 min, 2018)

This is a short experiment exploring the colours of the Inn River in the Engiadina Valley in Switzerland through video and watercolours. The piece was influenced by Abstract Expressionist painting.

From the Outside, In - Study of Ruse #3 - Video Dance

(5:41 min., 2016, Canada, Bulgaria)

In the video dance we discovering the layers of time, the beauty and decay that weaves the city's history. The video examines a moment where past and present visions of a place meet in Ruse, a city port situated on the Danube River in Bulgaria.

Vulture's Love

(6 min., 2016, Bulgaria)

Recounting courting rituals and the different dynamics of the couples when it comes to love making and taking care of their young, Manev reveals a rarely seen perspective of the prey birds that have traditionally been associated with ferocity and death.

Lela - Music video

(3 min, 2013)

"Lela" is a song by the band Briga from Album Turbo Folk Stories Bahtalo Records/Brigamusic

Briga falls for the guy that falls for her best friend, Lela.

Love is, to be willing to do this

(7:20 min., 2017, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia)

In this part social experiment and part documentary, passersby on the city streets of Rjeka, Croatia are asked the question "What is love?” Their responses paint a picture not just of the way they see this noble emotion, but also of Croatia itself.

In Development


The Ruins of Everything I Love

The Ruins of Everything I Love is a 2D stop motion animation film using a variety of mediums. The story parallels the devastation of mental illness to that of an earthquake and the drive to rebuild your life even though in ruins.

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Sofia’s Flowers

A Short film documenting the gardens of Sofia created by its citizens.