Video Installation

In video installation, I enjoyed using a process of collecting video pieces on the theme I was exploring and arranging them into a mosaic, a video poem.

Love is a Whole Other Creature (2009-2017)

Four Screen Video Installation Presented at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) February, 2017. Created during PRIM - MAI artistic residence.

The multi-channel video installation Love is a Whole Other Creature, presents facets of a world of love, as 60 individuals from Sofia, Montreal, Toronto, and Rijeka tell us what love means to them. Interspersed throughout are images from the artist’s life and world. The dispersion of moving images through the gallery space loosely figures the participants’ geographical distribution, and the attempt to bridge the distance is none other than an attempt to understand one-another for the nuances each can bring to the picture.