I love yogurt. Yes, absolutely natural full fat yogurt, which was how it first appeared, when accidentally discovered by villagers in Bulgaria.
I also love the colour green and I proudly love and hug trees.
I love to play with the world and I strive to learn how to love it more, and how to see its beauty in even the most mundane or irritating circumstances. My art practice is the sandbox for these experiments.
I was born and grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. At age 19, I immigrated to Canada with my family. Since my early years I have been practicing one kind of art or another. First I loved painting bright watercolours. Then I studied photography at a technical school in Sofia. In 2002 I completed my Undergraduate University Degree in Fine Arts. During my studies I was getting more passionate about environmental issues, the use of everyday objects and creating art, which is socially engaged and lives outside of galleries or institutions. Eventually this carried me to documentary film and new media. I released my first film, an activist fueled 72 minute documentary called Grass Through Concrete in 2005.
Most of my work explored environmental themes and human’s relationship with nature. Through that exploration I realized that so much of creating a balanced relationship with nature was dependent on understanding ourselves. And I have embarked on that journey.
What is it to be a balanced human being? How do I love myself, nature and others? How do I speak with my true voice? So little of the images we see around us encourage us to deeply explore these questions. Media, being the main stream media, alternative media, or even our own interactions on social medias, seems to teach us how to fit into an image of what we should be. But no matter how ‘good’ that image is, if it is not who we truly are, it is only that, ‘an image’. I use the tools that media gives us, be it film, video, photography, smart phone apps, blogging or twitting. I use those tools to stop and listen, to break through the images, through the noise and see who I truly am and what is around me. I use them to speak and create from the place of my authentic humble and powerful self. In the process I hope to inspire others to do the same. I think everyone is facing difficulties, internal confusion, and social resistance in their journey to authenticity. However, I am especially passionate of encouraging women to find their own voice. During my creative journey, I was sad to notice that the feminine voice is ridiculed, claimed incompetent, misunderstood, or simply ignored.
With all this in mind, I am establishing Green Dream Media, a slow media company, which creates projects with unique creative voice and high artistic standards, that playfully explore the joys and pains in our relationship with nature, with our community and with ourselves. My goal is to create media that does not disconnect us from the world around us, but that encourages us and helps us to connect with our physical environment, our community and ourselves.